Monday, March 24, 2014

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode 26 :Goodbye Oderus Urungus

Another episode of The Jay Porks Experience in the books and that means another round of show notes for you to get your clicking on. This week we remembered GWAR frontman Orderus Urungus, who was found dead in his home Monday morning. Also spent a few mindless minutes on the Seattle Police Department NOT reopening the Kurt Cobain suicide case plus a new edition of "Buying or NOT Buying". As always, stick to TheAndyDererShow.Com for all the latest Derer Network endeavors.

Always stay tuned to the essential websites: Concert Confessions || Antiquiet || hang the dj... 

Above is a picture of Oderus Urungus taken by yours truly. Check out the full experience of this evening with GWAR by clicking right here

Here you can read Antiquiet's send off to the mastermind behind the scumdogs. 

Check out GWAR on Jerry Springer, you know back when Springer was a thing: 

In this week's episode, I mention how Oderus broke down a lowly mother who thought she knew what GWAR was about. What I didn't realize, is that's that the douche El Duce behind them. 

The Washington Post ensures conspiracy nation that Kurt Cobain's "case" was indeed NOT reopened

The Pixies are releasing an album of mostly songs they've released already.

The Black Keys Turn Blue. No, really, that's gonna be the name of their new record. Here's a track.

And as stated, I will be wearing my hat soaked in GWAR fluids all of Monday to honor Mr. Oderus Urungus. 

Til next time!

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