Friday, November 3, 2017

DYZE In Your House EP001 (Nov 3rd 2017)

What is this?

This is an extension of the Jay Porks Podcast that will be brought to you every Friday on YouTube. 

How is this different from your usual weekly podcast?

Good question. This Friday show serves as a bridge between the wacky news week and the recording of my "long form" podcast over the weekend. There is too much going on in this country to cover with one podcast. Plus an opportunity to tie up loose ends from the previous week. Also gives you an easier way to get involved. 

This podcast will have a time limit. 

Also, the Jay Porks Podcast is record "live" but there are times where things get cut out, maybe I pause for a sneeze or what not. Not on the YouTube show. This is recorded LIVE. For better or for worse. In the future, the idea is to turn this into a medium for video. 

Lets have some fun. Take a listen and see if you're into it. All the cool kids are doing it anyway. You can connect with the podcast on Twitter @JayPorks