Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jay Porks Experience to make a cameo at the Gorge this summer, plus tons of other stuff!

This summer is going to bring The Jay Porks Experience to a whole other level with the epic shows we have lined up. So I figured why not give you an extended version of the concert calender as it stands now, just to give you a heads up. I stole this idea to post about my summer plans from my buddies over at Concert Confessions, but I figure it's all good considering all of the Jay Porks Concert Experiences are featured at their website as well. Anyway, let us chat now shall we?

On June 11th, a Saturday afternoon, Coheed and Cambria are playing show part of a series of events that will be hosted by The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn. That'll take place at the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn. Only problem is that I have my day job as a waiter and I don't get off work until 4 o clock and a free show on a Saturday for a band that I know has an enormous following equals lines around the block, maybe people sleeping overnight we'll have to see. Which could mean one of two things-I get cut off at capacity showing up when they're already full, OR you'll see on the news how rock music causes riots and death as they won't set a capacity and let people run a muck.. either way, I'm showing up there. If I'm in I'm in-if not I'm sure I'll still have something to write about..

Friday June 17th, rapper Joe Budden hits Irving Plaza and I thought it'd be a fair gesture to a pal of mine as a birthday present. I mean, I follow is annoying tweets and ever since Hip Hop became a mostly stale and uninteresting environment(much like all music), I can actually say Budden is one of the handful of Hip Hop artists I'd go see. The lyrics on songs from his debut album way back when helped me get out of a bad time of my life-so fuck it, why not.

Thursday June 23rd at Terminal 5, Dinosaur Jr is headlining a set playing 'Bug' in it's entirety after being interviewed by Henry Rollins on stage (who will hopefully do some funny spoken word before the interview)-with opening acts Fucked Up and OFF! I mean, just add up all the elements that are in that last sentence and tell me how that night doesn't turn out awesome.. I'll give you a free tee shirt if you can..

Thursday July 21st we start to heat up at the glorious outdoor venue that is the PNC Bank Arts Center in Homdel, NJ for 311 & Sublime w/Rome.. Now just putting it out there, I'm down with the whole Sublime w/Rome going William DuVall with this and keeping the great tunes flowing.. I'll be there with a crew as Pam and Ray(occasional Jay Porks Experiencers) will be rolling with me, and I can't wait to see that lawn. Good times...

I'll give you good times right here-how bout if I told you that at that same venue that I just made out with digitally, that I would be there to see two other MORE popular bands? That's right, I'll be back at the PNC Bank Arts Center on July 28th for two bands from the 90's, one that got cool and one that got rich-The Flaming Lips and Weezer! All I'm saying is that for $25 bucks plus fees or whatever I paid for the ticket-I'd rather watch Weezer than some unheard of band.. that show is going to be really interesting-Who headlines? Ticketmaster lists it as Weezer/The Flaming Lips yet on my ticket I got in the mail it says The Flaming Lips/Weezer on it. I can't imagine Weezer actually headlining a show going on after The Flaming Lips-shit last time I saw the Flaming Lips I felt like writing the review then blowing my brains out because I was so satisfied with life at that point and time. Forth of July Freak Out at the House of Blues In Atlantic City, NJ 2010 was freakin' epic. This show should be pretty cool too... And we have an extra ticket to give away, a contest announcement will come soon if anyone tends to give a crap, I bought an extra for this reason, spread the Jay Porks Experience gospel..

Did I mention that shit is about to get really interesting right here? Well if I didn't, then let me tell you that shit is about to get really rad.

On July 29th, roughly 12 hours after I would return home from the previous nights show, I will be boarding a plane and flying out of Newark Airport to Spokane, Washington(connecting in Minn.) to meet up with a couple of those aforementioned mad genius's over at Concert Confessions, one of which is lending me a couch to stay on. Why Washington, why now? Well, have you ever heard of the Gorge Amphitheater? Well, from the pictures I've seen it looks like heaven as a rock venue. Anyway, there's this show going on with a few bands you may have heard of: Soundgarden! Queens of the Stone Age! Mastodon!, and can you believe there's a kicker to all this???- the forth band-THE MEAT PUPPETS! Hell freakin' yea! Are you kidding?? Forget Yankee Stadium, the real big four play at the Gorge on July 30th this summer, and I'm going to freaking be there. Keep in mind I have never left my current timezone in my life-I can't wait to get out west. Holy god I cannot believe that is happening. Parents always say don't talk to strangers, well actually I've met some pretty cool peeps who'll house me in WA for 2 nights saving me money.

I'm not flying out of Spokane until Monday, so fuck it-Sunday July 31th, a night after the most epic adventure of my life-we're gonna tone it down a notch and take our talents to the Northern Quest Casino to see Willie Nelson and Friends. F-ck it, I'm already there right? And it's near the hotel I'm staying at the night before I fly back(figured the airport hotel would be most convenient for catching my flight in the AM) on Monday August 1st...

Sept 24th We'll be at the Central Park(The now SMOKE-FREE Central Park) Summerstage(in the fall) to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.. I know I'm a little late on their band wagon-but they are indeed cool-and if I didn't have flights and Meat Puppets happening, I'd probably be as excited for this show as I should be-but it seems so far away now...

There you have it.. lots of other stuff should pop up in the August-Sept area.. I mean, the Meat Puppets did say that they'll work their way east-just glad I'm gonna check them out at the Gorge just in case! All of these concert 'Experiences' will be posted in words and photos at JayPorks.Com & .. safe to say you may want to stay tuned-this is going to be a blast!