Monday, April 28, 2014

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode 31 "In a Flash!"

Back with another action packed edition of the Jay Porks Experience. This week we're gonna delve into Local H at the Mercury Lounge on Monday night along with further discussions on how to move concert attending behavior into 2014 one video at a time. It's odd, it's off, it's the Jay Porks Experience.. part of the Derer Network Podcast Network.

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The above picture is what it looks like when you take a screenshot from a video. 

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Here's the official video for Local H's song "Cold Manor" off Hallelujah I'm a Bum. The video contains fan filmed footage, a select portion of which are shot by me. Scott Lucas didn't have any issues with cameras and flashing on any of these nights. 

And here's the article from Kilscene.Net that mentions me at the bottom that I thought was sarcasm at first but turned out to be a sincere thanks

It's okay. I've only seen Local H more than any other band not named the Meat Puppets. For all my confessions that can currently be found on the internet click on these following dates: May 18th 2010, April 21st 2011, , April 15th 2012, June 14th 2012, October 18th 2012 and of course April 21st 2014. The first time I saw them November 22nd 2008 was the show with Electric Six that I hated. That was the 8th show I've ever written about (that number is at 93 now).
Here's a photo from 2008 of Scott and I. He was not asking me to "just enjoy the show" that night at Webster Hall while Electric 6 was dropping balloons from the ceiling. Photo taken by a friend of mine, the  late great Gina Sachi Cody

This creep is knee deep in some exotic island looking broad? What the fuck gives??

Monday, April 14, 2014

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode 29 - Sneaking Into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

We're back with another action packed edition of the Jay Porks Experience. This week we spend time dissecting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, secret gigs after said celebrations, getting Lorde out of my rock music and a Jay Porks personal milestone. Plus we finally got some decent weather here on the LEast Coast! Check it out, and stay tuned to TheAndyDererShow.Com for all future Derer Network endeavors. 

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Jerry Seinfeld Live in Pullaman, WA on April 12th @ Concert Confessions 

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This week it's all about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. The website Alternative Nation partnered up with Concertfly to bring us a live stream of the events from the worst possible seats in the house. As much as I'll have fun making nosebleed section jokes, multiple hats tipped over there for a least giving my Thursday night some sort entertainment. If you need someone to hold a camera who, you know, knows how to take decent video I'm always available in the New York City area. Wink face emoticon. 

  The above link is a well written piece complete with a round up of any decent videos found from the night's proceedings. Also gives you a chance to check out the set list from the St. Vitus secret show.  Personally, I just really wish Lorde wasn't at all a thing when my totes-fave band is involved. 

Like I mentioned, every surfacing video makes me feel like Oliver freaking Stone. Does anyone know how to wield a camera these days? Anyway, I'm all about change. So I did the only American thing there was to do after hearing J Mascis perform with surviving members of Nirvana: I went to Change.Org and started a petition! It's a petition to get Grohl, Novoselic, and Smear to tour with J Mascis fronting the band playing Nirvana hits. It's got 64 signatures as of Monday morning, which is about 63 more than I figured I would be able to reach. So why not be a pal and sign the petition yourself? Click here to check it out.

Celebrating 10 years of non-sobriety today. I'll puff to that. Til next time!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode 28 - Mile High Meat Puppets

Pumped to share with you tales from my trip to the Mile High state where I got to take in two nights of The Meat Puppets and The Moistboyz. Hanging with a couple of my favorite guitarists of all time may have trumped the coolness of legal recreational marijuana. Take a listen.. and while doing that, when I mention a link to something, just look for it below as they should be in order as discussed.

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8:20-  Nikon D600 is the camera I used to take these bitchin' shots. I said it was $1,000. It's actually north of $4,000 from what I'm being told. Sweet. 
Check out my review from Meat Puppets and Moistboyz at the Gothic Theater in Denver by clicking here.

Check out my review from Night two of the Meat Puppets and The Moistboyz, this time in Boulder. Click here

22:15 -
Concert Calender (Maybe's)
April 21st Local H (Purchased)
May 30th Foxy Shazam (Friday's are tough)
June 17th Summerland @ Irving Plaza (Not purchased, but will be one way or another)
July 18th 311 @ Stone Pony Summerstage (Friday's again are tough, hope they add another area date)
August 2nd NIN / Soundgarden at PNC Bank Arts Center (If I can find a cheaper ticket)
August 4th John Fogerty / Jackson Browne at PNC Bank Arts Center (I'll buy you into this if you take me. Who's not down for a night of mellow tunes with ol' folks?)