Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode #43 "Why Do Work When I Can Sleep?"

I've got some stuff on my mind this week, one of which being one of my favorite childhood television shows and why both brothers have the same name. Besides that, we've got the headlines and a little known publication known as the New York Times calling for legal marijuana. Keep it locked to the Derer Network for all the latest on the Andy Derer Show, Tyler Kahl show and of course, this guy.

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Just two brothers named Pete. Totally normal behavior.

Get it? Iggy called the kid a Stooge. Because his band. #Humor

Luscious Jackson playing the school dance in the finale.  And Little Pete is gonna get to 1st base with Harriet the Spy.

 Here's the Polaris song "Hey Sandy" which is the opening theme to The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

  Guess who was on Andy's podcast this week breaking down Grunge. This guy.

Headlines Powered By Antiquiet:


Above we have Scott Lucas, Local H front man, who loves fan interaction as seen below:

Ray Rice dragged his beaten fiance out of a club in Atlantic City. His punishment is that he's not allowed to play football for two weeks. If you test positive for Marijuana in the NFL, you can't play football for four weeks. Which leads us into what the New York Times is talking about....

Ladies and Gentlemen, when the New York Freaking Times starts saying we should repeal the Marijuana laws, I'd think that'd be the time to start taking things seriously. Biggest cash crop in America and it's not legal in more than two states for people who aren't dying. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #42 'Hard To Find An Entertainer Who Isn't A Train Wreck'

It's like Sesame Street, because this week is dedicated to the letter W. Weird Al has a new record out and Weezer has dropped a new single "Back To The Shack". Keep it locked to the Derer Network for all future podcast awesomeness.

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Latest Concert Confessions: Veruca Salt Hits The Nations Capital
                                            Hard Drive Live Tour in Bloomington

King of the parody Weird Al Yankovic has returned with another masterpiece. Highlights for me include "First World Problems", "Word Crimes" and "My Own Eyes". Check out the playlist below, or you can hit Spotify and listen to it free. Or buy it, you know, like we used to do in the good ol' days of supporting our favorite artists. 

Remember folks, when you finally escape the Gangsta's Paradise, you can always whore yourself out for cookbooks and covers of your biggest hit.

This is pretty freaking rad tho! "Death ain't nuttin'  but a heartbeat away"

In a funny story developing Wednesday, AV Club reporting that Coolio signed to Pornhub and will release a new video in the near future. Yes, that's the website with all your favorite pornography categorized in such a way where even the simplest of minds can find their niche interest in people performing sexual acts on one another. At least that's what they tell me anyway. 

Headlines Powered By Antiquiet:


Open Hand Drops A Stoner Jam Called "La La Land"

The Budos Band To Release New Record 'Burnt Offering'


Weezer have a new record coming out in September titled "Everything Will Be Alright In The End". They released a surprisingly autobiographical new track called "Back To The Shack". Check them out on KROQ the other day discussing it:

And you can hear the new song here:

Last time I saw Weezer was at PNC Bank Arts Center with the Flaming Lips actually three years ago this week.


This interview above somewhere has Krist telling the story about the best man from his wedding running on stage in a gorilla outfit to ruin 'Jeremy', plus the bands laughter when Pat Smear addresses the news of a  shooting massacre with the punchline "go to a Pearl Jam concert and shoot them". 

Some small facts:
-War is bad
-Dating Websites Are for Single People. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #41 'Extra Bucks'

Welcome back to another action packed edition of the Jay Porks Experience. You may notice I've messed with the site a little bit, wanted to get some updated pics up there and basically do the same exact color Antiquiet uses because I am indeed a follower and not a leader. Keep it locked to the Derer Network for all your podcast needs.  RIP Tommy Ramone.

New Concert Confessions: Mayhem Fest in San Bernardino

                                          Natalie Stoval and The Drive in Indianapolis 

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Let's talk about the origins of Punk Rock.. and that conversation starts with the Trashmen.
Dick Clark brings you Punk rock folks. Below, you can listen to the Rivingtons version of the song. 

And the follow up song by the Rivingtons

And the Ramones went on to cover the song. They play it better than The Trashmen

I like Silverchair's version

And yes folks, the Trashmen are playing shows as of 2010, and yes, they're playing Surfin' Bird.


Headlines are Powered By Antiquiet:

My bud Cristina clued me into this Yahoo/Live Nation Partnership to bring you a new live concert 365 Days a year. Read all the available details here

First Batch of  the Yahoo Live concert schedule:
7/15 -- Dave Matthews Band
7/16 -- The Fray
7/17 -- The Neighbourhood
7/18 -- Michael Franti & Spearhead
7/19 -- KISS
7/20 -- Chevelle
7/21 -- Common
7/22 -- Everclear
7/23 -- Jurassic 5
7/24 -- 311
7/25 -- TBA
7/26 -- Ray LaMontagne
7/27 -- Three Days Grace
7/28 -- Jesse McCartney
7/29 -- Gogol Bordello
7/30 -- TBA
7/31 -- TBA
8/01 -- Toad the Wet Sprocket
8/02 -- Rixton
8/03 -- Daughtry
8/04 -- Sick Puppies
8/05 -- Gavin DeGraw
8/06 -- TBA
8/07 -- MKTO
8/08 -- The Kooks
8/09 -- David Gray
8/10 -- OneRepublic
8/11 -- Lila Downs
8/12 -- TBA
8/13 -- Emblem3

Scoreboard check: Yahoo has Community and a new concert every night, Orange is the New Black got 13 Emmy noms and it's not even on real TV


Check out the new video from Weird Al Yankovic 'Tacky'

My review from Weird Al at the Beacon in 2011. Head to the last paragraph to read my rant on that idiot security guard, where the dude said it was "Tacky" to record videos.

New Weird Al video released Tuesday Morning via Pitchfork. A take on 'Blurred Lines', check out 'Word Crimes'.


What? You don't wanna make a couple of extra bucks???
(note: I said they left $700 on $585. I misspoke. The bill was $545)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #40 (Season 2 Premier)

We're back after a week off to celebrate our nations independence, welcome to another edition of the Jay Porks Experience. We touch on what happened in the world of music while we were off in addition to some discussion about things that may or may not annoy the living hell out of your favorite long haired psychopath. Keep it locked to the Derer Network for all the latest episodes of The Tyler Kahl Show, The Andy Derer Show and of course, yours truly.

We've got a new Spotify Playlist for you, Flying High In July

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Latest Concert Confessions: Dave Rawlings Invades The Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis via DarbySTL

Headlines Are Powered By Antiquiet:

Jack White Has Plugged pulled on him during Dublin Show, Plays on. Check it out:

New Dead Weather plus White Stripes Live Album Due Out

Pink Floyd is Releasing a record of new material 'The Endless River'. Word on the street is that Roger Waters is not involved. 

Death Grips Announced Their Break Up on the heels of spending the summer on tour with Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden.

Paul McCartney has a new video out


I'm doing you a favor by NOT sharing that Flaming Lips new track here. You'll thank me later. 

Why work hard at your craft when you could buy your way into a Press seating. Life is fun for the thick walleted. 

"Oh, you don't want to see each other any more? That's cool, I'll just rearrange your face real quick."


I'll mention Colorado any chance I get. Red Rocks.