Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Jay Porks Experience Episode #46 "You're Not Gonna Tell Me How To Run My Facebook"

 After a week off, we're back here at the Jay Porks Experience with another action packed episode. We're talking Ferguson, we're talking #EverySimpsonsEver , we're talking Societal Tendencies that drive me nuts along with the new J Mascis record being amazing and some other headlines in the world of music. Good times being had by all here at the Derek Network, keep rockin' with us.


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Here's a picture of Troy and Abed's Dreamatorium, it's what we're trying to make my current studio look like. 

R.I.P. Robin Williams.
From Radio.Com,  Here's the article where Henry Rollins says he's sorry for being Henry Rollins

Quick quiz: Is this Gaza or Missouri? Crazy right? And as John Oliver pointed out, this is the exact image that ran on CNN all day long with the "Fuck the Police" graffiti unnoticed by pundents. 

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Let's raise some money for all diseases, underprivileged inner city youth, starving homeless folks, everyone! Let's raise that money by legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Enough is enough already. Check out what Colorado is making just on Taxes alone


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #45 ' People Are Just Crybabies Now

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Check out the trailer for the film adaption of The Giver over at Rolling Stone


Into the #ServerProblems portion of our broadcast:

This is what your waiter is writing on the pad while you're on the fence about what you want to eat for dinner. 


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Staten Island's own Wu Tang Clan stopped by The Daily Show this week. I'm having trouble embedding the video for their performance of the new song ' Ron O' Neal' properly below, or at least it seems to be giving me an issue. You can click here to head over to the Daily Show's website where they have it up.


Deadspin first broke the news with footage of Tony Stewart Killing A Dude. Please be advised that you're about to watch a person die so watch with caution.

This is a link to a PDF doc that's the full indictment on the case of Micheal Vick and his dog fighting ring. Then think that this asshole is on my team. 


Hail to the Warrior! Pail O'Neill gets a plaque in Yankee Stadium's Monument Park Career Batting Averge .288 (hit .359 for the batting title in the strike shorted 1994 season), 281 HRs and 1269 RBIs. 5 All Star games, 5 World Series rings, Paul O'Neill was indeed an Integral part of the last great Yankees dynasty. Always fun to hear him in the booth doing commentary. Hats off to the warrior.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #44 "Hey, You Wanna Party?"

Every month we'll hit you with a Spotfiy playlist. It'll always feature songs I was talking about, bands I'm gonna see or just saw. Hence the Bad Religion and Offspring on there. Along with some ol' school that plays over the speakers at work and three No Doubt songs because Pam and I discussed the fall of No Doubt on the ride home from Asbury Park, so I threw it in there. Dog Days Of August.

Latest Concert Confessions:

Above we have a picture of the Bouncing Souls after playing Stone Pony earlier this summer. Notice the bleachers in the back, except that's not the back. There's lots of standing room behind those seats, yet the Stone Pony couldn't care less about people being able to see, so lets cram everyone up front. If I was taller I'd have been able to get a good picture of my own of it, but swampy jersey fucks don't know what a buffer zone is and they like to grind on you like Twerky Cyrus.

Please don't troll on me bro. Start a blog, write your own reviews.


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If Washington DC got legal recreational pot that would be a game changer for New Yorkers. There's a bus we can take there!

Problem is.. bus ;leaves from the Port Authority bus terminal!