Saturday, March 13, 2010

US Coast Guard suspends SI Ferry service-halts Jay Porks Experience catching Henry Rollins...

       All seemed to be going well.. Tickets to countless shows, The Jay Porks Experience was entering it's 24th installment and also was the first show since September 24th 2008 (an experience that can be viewed here), in which I would have a seat and not have to stand up like a savage for 6 hours.. There was to be no music played, just spoken word from the lips of former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins to my ears-in an intimate setting... The review was set to be a lay-up..... and then the rains came, literally.

For those not from the tri-state area let me break it down for you.  My trip plan was to take the train to the Staten Island Ferry, take the ferry to lower Manhattan, and hop on the 'N' train from there to 14th street where I would have been walking distance from the Pseudo-Fillmore at Irving Plaza

It was raining and it was windy-the ugliest day of the year not involving snow.. just cold and disgusting, and I vowed to not waste money on cabs once I got to the city as it's one train to get to where I'm going. So I got to the Annadale train station a few minutes after 6pm and the train is running extremely late, like I'm out there for a good half hour.. This is the prelude to my night.. this rain is slowing everything down.. I make it on the train and we arrival at the Ferry terminal in time for the 7PM boat.. I walk in, grab a coffee and head to board the boat (without realizing that something was a brewing as shitloads of people crowded the vestibule thing) an announcement is made over the loud speaker : "Due to the intense wind conditions, the U.S. Coast Guard has suspended ferry service indefinitely"...   That story broke on here at 6:03 P.M... also known as, I already left my house and don't have a steady wiFi connection to stay updated on stuff like this via iPod touch.. Had I known this before I went all the way down to the ferry I could have taken an Express bus into the city from directly down the block from my house, but having gotten to the ferry around 7, having to take the train I just got off, take it  back a few stops to take a bus(that who knows is running on time) into Brooklyn and then try to finagle my way into the city through the subway there which I'm unfamiliar with-I had no shot.. We were dead before the ship even sank.. or before the ship even had it's service suspended.. 

So in suspending the Staten Island Ferry service between the hours of 6 and 9 PM Saturday night.. The US Coast Guard is to blame for the Jay Pork Experience's 24th venture to be an evening with Henry Rollins.. there's $47.50 washed away down the drain with the rest of the water from  some of the flooded, destroyed roads in Staten Island... what a night.. wish I wasn't saying that in a regretful tone... Anyway, April 27th Hole @ Terminal 5 The jay Porks Experience will be in full swing with posse and all.. stay tuned for that over at