Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #69 'Text Your Mom'

Remember to call your mom or Vern Schillinger is gonna come bang you in the ass. 

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These are Phuncky Feel Tips I was talking about on the show today. Tweet at @B_REAL and tell dude I'd love to be in the Phuncky Feel Tips family. Things have changed my life. 

This week in Weed:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #67 'Exit Only'

 But his daughter is on premium cable getting her ass eaten out. Me personally, I do not understand the obsession with an exit only facility.

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Better Call Saul has finally happened. And it was wonderful.

Here's one of my favorite sketches from Mr. Show With Bob And David.

Here's the Jay Porks Experience February Playlist. Songs I'm jamming on for no apparent reason. That first track I only meant to add once but it doesn't let you delete a song once you've added it oddly enough. 

Anyway, shoot me an email JayPorksPodcast@Gmail.com , Get into the Podcast. Ask me anything, make any comment. Suggestions. Rants. Whatever. Join me on the path to insanity!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #66 'Directions To The Helmet Store'

This just in, things that also cause depression: LIFE. 

Jeff Mizanskey has been in jail 21 years and will spend the rest of his life there because he got caught with a plant three times. Read more here.

Biggest "WTF" moment of my life when I looked up at the TV and saw dancing shark emoticons come to life. Sadly, there was no wardrobe malfunction. 

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After we finished taping the Sasquatch lineup got announced. We'll delve into that. I've got all the major festival posters in the 'Hate The Drake' show notes here.