Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #65 'Snowmageddon Was An Inside Job'

Latest Concert Confessions:

Woke up to two feet of snow! Kidding of course, this pic is from the magical land of the internet but the fear mongering media told people that it was going to be a "historic snowstorm", predicting snow totaling  three feet and we woke up to 8 inches. The storm was so historic that I went to work. 

The Meat Puppets take Sundance! No, seriously they did. Jack Black is grooving on that new drug called Elmo Kirkwood front row in this vid shot by the amazing Dave Markey.

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Shit is about to get SO REAL.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #64 'Jerry Garcia's Hologram Wasn't Available?'

After 30 years of touring and then another 20 touring without their most prominent member, three shows shamelessly being billed as 'The Grateful Dead' will come to Soldier Field in Chicago this July.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #63 'Hate The Drake!'

New Year, New Me!

That's not at all the case. New year same bullshit. Back with another action packed edition of the podcast this week. I touch on some things that we need to leave in 2014, plus the ever flowing river of festival lineups that were announced this week.

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Also, here's the article that I posted that I'm an asshole for posting but if anyone else posted it they would be deemed funny. I, however, get deemed a prick.

Festivals, Festivals and More Festivals. That's the story this week. See below:

Coachella. Arguably the best festival this side of the pond, this year features the likes of Jack White, AC/DC and (clears throat) Drake serving as headliners. Jack White is most certainly a festival headliner, I place a check mark next to his name. AC/DC's last visit to the news is their drummer Phil Rudd's abilities to have someone killed, allegedly, and the awesome rates he gets on Escorts.  And Drake? What in the actual fuck is going on with life these stays. I think hip hop most certainly belongs in the festival headliners discussions. That still leaves me with the question of why is Drake headlining Coachella? This guy only become relevant to me a few weeks ago when he got punched in the face by Puff Daddy. But hey, at least they got Kasabian. 

Bottlerock in Napa Valley has Robert Plant so that's cool. Also No Doubt. And there's no Drake and it's Napa so that's a win.

The big news coming out of Governors Ball in NYC is that Noel Gallagher & His High Flying Birds are on the card and that means they'll be in town and if they're in town then maybe they could play a show and maybe it could be on a day that I'm not working so I can get to see the better Oasis brother because Noel Gallagher is the fucking man. 

Florence and the Machine headlining most likely means more new music from them this year and that is indeed a shame. I expect NYC to pack out for an asshole like Deadmau5 and again, what in the actual fuck is going on with life where Drake headlines festivals. Shit Weird Al could kill a headlining slot.  

After much dialing of hotlines, here is your 2015 Bonaroo Lineup. Billy Joel???? Guess it's true that only the good die young. 

The lineup with the smallest poster seems to pack one of the best punches of the festival announcement season as Beantown lands Beck, Pixies and My Morning Jacket to headline alongside Run The Jewels, St. Vincent TV on the Radio with fan favorites Tenacious D also making an appearance. 

Another solid festival lineup comes out of no where. Bands I'd see here include Social D, Pixies, Ryan Adams, Noel Gallagher, Mastodon, TV On The Radio, Kaiser Chiefs, Mac Demarco. It's funny, you can remove the top three bands from this lineup and I'd be way happier.

Mountain Jam here at Hunter Mountain in my very own state of New York features Robert freaking Plant and the Black Keys. 

Here's a festival that popped up and has three out of four acts that I actually enjoy. We're just gonna continue posting the festival lineup posters as they are announced.

At Big Guava Music Festival in Tampa you get to rock with the Pixies, Ryan Adams, TV On The Radio, Run The Jewels and Jenny Lewis w/ more to be announced according to the poster. In related news, Fuck Hozier.

If I had the opportunity to see Robert Plant at the greatest venue in the history of life in a state with legal weed that'd be awesome./ Add Modest Mouse, Ryan Adams, RTJ, St. Vincent, Jenny Lewis and Sharon Van Etten also happened to be there, because it was a festival, well that's be a thin slice of heaven.