Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode #11: Festivals For The Rest Of Us!

And we've got another episode of the Jay Porks Experience on tap for you here this week. Posted a day later due to technical issues, episode eleven is action pack with complaints about festivals. Head over to TheAndyDererShow.Com to check out all podcasts archived, or you can listen FREE on iTunes using the Podcasts app and searching Andy Derer Show, The Derer Network of Podcasts, taking over the world one podcast at time.. sort of.

You guys know where to get your live music news and reviews for fans by fans right? That's ConcertConfessions! Come join our family, share your concert experiences with the world.

Antiquiet.Com : Your Source For Quality

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2:40 starts the Festivals rant. Why are we speculating 10 months ahead of time?

7:10 I mention there are 100's of festivals. I'm reading from the list I got at

8:00 I start talking about bands having cruises, here's a link to the details to the Weezer Cruise I mention.

10:35 Here's where we dive into my trip to Orion Music + More Festival in 2012. Here's a link to the recap of Day one and two

Below is a picture of what some girl tweeted at Concert Confessions after I posted. Cool photos, awesome videos. Check it out.

21:30 For the full review of Childish Gambino at Central Park the night after the inaugural Orion Music and More Festival, click here and head over to Concert Confessions.

29:50  Click here for the Lily Allen article up on AQ  titled "LILY ALLEN EMBRACES FAUX-FEMINISM IN HOPES OF EXTENDING HER 15 MINUTES OF FAME ON ‘HARD OUT HERE’".. it's a highly recommended reading

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience (Podcast Edition) Episode Nine - Stamp My Hand!

And we're back with another edition of The Jay Porks Experience. This week I ask for help picking out show to buy tickets to because for the first time in many months I am without concert tickets purchased. I also go over some music venues I hate (and love) here in the Tri-State area. Sit down, relax. Forget all the problems and listen to mine!

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1:40 – Phish debuted their brand new record Wingsuit on Halloween in Atlantic City. Internet rumors were that the band would cover an album by another band, but alas, the casual fan is let down.

2:15 – ConcertConfessions.Com ..::Live Music News And Reviews For Fans, By Fans::.. All Are Welcome To Join Our Family

3:10 - CristinaRocks.Com (...hang the dJ)::.. Click here for the Time Warp Playlist from this week

6:55 - I love the song Joey by Concrete Blonde. When Local H busts it out, it's always a good time. He's some footage shot by me back in 2011.

8:51 Antiquiet.Com YOUR SOURCE FOR QUALITY (I feel like they're write it in caps)

10:25 – Tweet from Johnny Firecloud co-founder Antiquiet during Voodoo Fest

11:30 Buying or NOT Buying: Arcade Fire – Reflektor .::BUYING IT::..

12:20 I really need a name for the segment where I trash venues I hate and praise venues I love. Tweet your suggestions at me @JayPorks !

13:30 Here's a link to my review of Soundgarden at Hammerstein Ballroom back in January of this year.
And why not click here to check out my write up on Slash and Foxy Shazam At Hammerstein in September 2012
Click here for my review of the  Pixies at Hammerstein in 2009! (This isn't even on Concert Confessions it's so old school!)
(Later that week...) Click here for my review of 311 at Hammerstein in 2009

17:20 ECW One Night Stand live at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City

 21:15 Link to the article where Neon Trees cancelled their show due to high ticket prices, click here

Click here for my Social Distortion show review from May 14 2011
And click here for my write up of Offspring, Neon Trees and Dead Sara Sept 9th 2012

24:40 This little 2 minutes here is asking all folks who attend shows to join the Concert Confessions family! Hit me up on Twitter @jayporks or hit up Concert Confessions @concertconfess and we'll walk you through that. Always love new folks contributing. Why not have people read your stuff?

27:30 Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake I'm forced to eat because the Jets beat the Saints. My football team fucks me even when they win. Anyway, I refer to this as the Ryan Adams Cheesecake, and I encourage everyone to do the same.

29:10 Click here for the Bowery Presents Concert Calender. Suggest things to me! And as you know, the Jay Porks Experience is now hiring someone to drive me home from shows. Inquire within!

31:35 I'm not mad at Phish for not covering some awesome record but instead debuting their new record 'Wingsuit'. I don't feel like it was a big cock tease or anything. Not at all. #Sarcasm