Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode #11: Festivals For The Rest Of Us!

And we've got another episode of the Jay Porks Experience on tap for you here this week. Posted a day later due to technical issues, episode eleven is action pack with complaints about festivals. Head over to TheAndyDererShow.Com to check out all podcasts archived, or you can listen FREE on iTunes using the Podcasts app and searching Andy Derer Show, The Derer Network of Podcasts, taking over the world one podcast at time.. sort of.

You guys know where to get your live music news and reviews for fans by fans right? That's ConcertConfessions! Come join our family, share your concert experiences with the world.

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TheAndyDererShow.Com for Smooth Operators with Tyler Kahl and Andy Derer, The Andy Derer Show and of course the Jay Porks Experience.

2:40 starts the Festivals rant. Why are we speculating 10 months ahead of time?

7:10 I mention there are 100's of festivals. I'm reading from the list I got at

8:00 I start talking about bands having cruises, here's a link to the details to the Weezer Cruise I mention.

10:35 Here's where we dive into my trip to Orion Music + More Festival in 2012. Here's a link to the recap of Day one and two

Below is a picture of what some girl tweeted at Concert Confessions after I posted. Cool photos, awesome videos. Check it out.

21:30 For the full review of Childish Gambino at Central Park the night after the inaugural Orion Music and More Festival, click here and head over to Concert Confessions.

29:50  Click here for the Lily Allen article up on AQ  titled "LILY ALLEN EMBRACES FAUX-FEMINISM IN HOPES OF EXTENDING HER 15 MINUTES OF FAME ON ‘HARD OUT HERE’".. it's a highly recommended reading

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