Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Jay Porks Experience Episode #46 "You're Not Gonna Tell Me How To Run My Facebook"

 After a week off, we're back here at the Jay Porks Experience with another action packed episode. We're talking Ferguson, we're talking #EverySimpsonsEver , we're talking Societal Tendencies that drive me nuts along with the new J Mascis record being amazing and some other headlines in the world of music. Good times being had by all here at the Derek Network, keep rockin' with us.


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Here's a picture of Troy and Abed's Dreamatorium, it's what we're trying to make my current studio look like. 

R.I.P. Robin Williams.
From Radio.Com,  Here's the article where Henry Rollins says he's sorry for being Henry Rollins

Quick quiz: Is this Gaza or Missouri? Crazy right? And as John Oliver pointed out, this is the exact image that ran on CNN all day long with the "Fuck the Police" graffiti unnoticed by pundents. 

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