Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #42 'Hard To Find An Entertainer Who Isn't A Train Wreck'

It's like Sesame Street, because this week is dedicated to the letter W. Weird Al has a new record out and Weezer has dropped a new single "Back To The Shack". Keep it locked to the Derer Network for all future podcast awesomeness.

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King of the parody Weird Al Yankovic has returned with another masterpiece. Highlights for me include "First World Problems", "Word Crimes" and "My Own Eyes". Check out the playlist below, or you can hit Spotify and listen to it free. Or buy it, you know, like we used to do in the good ol' days of supporting our favorite artists. 

Remember folks, when you finally escape the Gangsta's Paradise, you can always whore yourself out for cookbooks and covers of your biggest hit.

This is pretty freaking rad tho! "Death ain't nuttin'  but a heartbeat away"

In a funny story developing Wednesday, AV Club reporting that Coolio signed to Pornhub and will release a new video in the near future. Yes, that's the website with all your favorite pornography categorized in such a way where even the simplest of minds can find their niche interest in people performing sexual acts on one another. At least that's what they tell me anyway. 

Headlines Powered By Antiquiet:


Open Hand Drops A Stoner Jam Called "La La Land"

The Budos Band To Release New Record 'Burnt Offering'


Weezer have a new record coming out in September titled "Everything Will Be Alright In The End". They released a surprisingly autobiographical new track called "Back To The Shack". Check them out on KROQ the other day discussing it:

And you can hear the new song here:

Last time I saw Weezer was at PNC Bank Arts Center with the Flaming Lips actually three years ago this week.


This interview above somewhere has Krist telling the story about the best man from his wedding running on stage in a gorilla outfit to ruin 'Jeremy', plus the bands laughter when Pat Smear addresses the news of a  shooting massacre with the punchline "go to a Pearl Jam concert and shoot them". 

Some small facts:
-War is bad
-Dating Websites Are for Single People. 

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