Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode #43 "Why Do Work When I Can Sleep?"

I've got some stuff on my mind this week, one of which being one of my favorite childhood television shows and why both brothers have the same name. Besides that, we've got the headlines and a little known publication known as the New York Times calling for legal marijuana. Keep it locked to the Derer Network for all the latest on the Andy Derer Show, Tyler Kahl show and of course, this guy.

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Just two brothers named Pete. Totally normal behavior.

Get it? Iggy called the kid a Stooge. Because his band. #Humor

Luscious Jackson playing the school dance in the finale.  And Little Pete is gonna get to 1st base with Harriet the Spy.

 Here's the Polaris song "Hey Sandy" which is the opening theme to The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

  Guess who was on Andy's podcast this week breaking down Grunge. This guy.

Headlines Powered By Antiquiet:


Above we have Scott Lucas, Local H front man, who loves fan interaction as seen below:

Ray Rice dragged his beaten fiance out of a club in Atlantic City. His punishment is that he's not allowed to play football for two weeks. If you test positive for Marijuana in the NFL, you can't play football for four weeks. Which leads us into what the New York Times is talking about....

Ladies and Gentlemen, when the New York Freaking Times starts saying we should repeal the Marijuana laws, I'd think that'd be the time to start taking things seriously. Biggest cash crop in America and it's not legal in more than two states for people who aren't dying. 

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