Monday, April 28, 2014

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode 31 "In a Flash!"

Back with another action packed edition of the Jay Porks Experience. This week we're gonna delve into Local H at the Mercury Lounge on Monday night along with further discussions on how to move concert attending behavior into 2014 one video at a time. It's odd, it's off, it's the Jay Porks Experience.. part of the Derer Network Podcast Network.

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The above picture is what it looks like when you take a screenshot from a video. 

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Here's the official video for Local H's song "Cold Manor" off Hallelujah I'm a Bum. The video contains fan filmed footage, a select portion of which are shot by me. Scott Lucas didn't have any issues with cameras and flashing on any of these nights. 

And here's the article from Kilscene.Net that mentions me at the bottom that I thought was sarcasm at first but turned out to be a sincere thanks

It's okay. I've only seen Local H more than any other band not named the Meat Puppets. For all my confessions that can currently be found on the internet click on these following dates: May 18th 2010, April 21st 2011, , April 15th 2012, June 14th 2012, October 18th 2012 and of course April 21st 2014. The first time I saw them November 22nd 2008 was the show with Electric Six that I hated. That was the 8th show I've ever written about (that number is at 93 now).
Here's a photo from 2008 of Scott and I. He was not asking me to "just enjoy the show" that night at Webster Hall while Electric 6 was dropping balloons from the ceiling. Photo taken by a friend of mine, the  late great Gina Sachi Cody

This creep is knee deep in some exotic island looking broad? What the fuck gives??

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