Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Show Notes: The Jay Porks Experience Episode 25 'They Should Make SXSW Longer'

And we are back with another action packed edition of the Jay Porks Experience. This week is shorter episode than most but filled with juicy goodness. We're Scott Asheton. We've got highlights from SXSW that just went down in Austin this past week. We've got my end of March plans of heading to Colorado for The Meat Puppets and Moistboyz (which the above poster is suppose to represent, minus the part about the venue). We also have me taking shows like 'The Doctors' to task. Stay tuned to TheAndyDererShow.Com for all Derer Network related endeavors. 

Websites you should be hitting up daily: Concert Confessions | Hang The DJ| Antiquiet

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The Lonely Wild at Vintage Vinyl @ Concert Confessions

7:40 Sex Pistols 'No Fun' (Stooges cover)

Here's the Foxboro Hot Tubs Live at a surprise SXSW gig at Stubbs:

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