Monday, October 14, 2013

The Jay Porks Experience (Podcast Edition): Episode Six - "Porks And Recreation"

And here we are back with another podcast, another few minutes of me sharing with you the pleasures and displeasure's of my concert experiences, both present and past. Today, we're sticking with the present,as I've just come down from the trip known as seeing the Meat Puppets live. It was my 13th time, great as usual. You need check out my words, photos and awesome videos from the gig by clicking here to get to Concert Confessions: The only place on the internet to find your Live Music News And Reviews For Fans, BY Fans.

Thanks to the Andy Derer Network of Podcasts, I've been given the opportunity to just click record and share my thoughts and complaints from the only person from the Forgotten Borough.. Staten Island, New York that you know.

Head over to Cris Kirkwood's Art Website, CrisKirkwoodArt.Com . Tons of cool stuff available there, and like I mention in this weeks episode, you'll want to grab some of this stuff as the holiday season is right around the corner. 

Here's the "Open Wide" shot on my IPhone 5 that I mentioned. The picture quality is some epic stuff, and we should be hitting more shows in the near future and getting some awesome picks. This guy does have a birthday coming up after all.

At 13:50, I'm not kidding about the driver.. If there's anybody who wants to hit shows in the New York City metro area, and can offer me a ride home from a show in exchange of a ticket that I will purchase for you. Or even if your somebody who doesn't like to go to concerts but enjoys driving and making money off folks, send me an email at JayPorks@GMail.Com, we can work out some sort of arrangement. I'm too awesome an individual to have the low amount of friends that I do. Tweet me @JayPorks , be my friend. My only friends can't live in different states, I can't get to them. 

If you're out west and plan of hitting one of the many Meat Puppets shows out in the Golden State, Washington, Idaho, Vegas, etc., hit up the article I have up at Antiquiet with all the Pups tour dates here. or you could even head to TheMeatPuppets.Com/Tour to get tickets and stuff.

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  1. Awesome...all you people who went to these recent shows and didn't get any pics or video or anything, BE MORE LIKE JAY, haha.

    As for the debit cards, I don't know...they're probably too cheap to put pin pads on the buses. The Rat Farm owner calls the shots.