Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Jay Porks Experience (Podcast Edition): Episode Three

As you may have read right here last week, I now have my very own podcast thanks to my buddy Andy Derer of  the Andy Derer Show fame. And you know I couldn't be happier about that. I've got tons of complaints about everything from the land of topical music news to the shit that pisses me off at work-and everything Meat Puppets in between. On a weekly basis, I'll try to come here and post show notes as they're needed.

Episode Three contains an opening rant about the restaurant I work at, and the type of customer I deal with from day to day. Contrary to popular belief, I am not having a nervous breakdown in that first 8 minutes.

8:22- Obvious end of segment one, a much calmer Porks hits the microphone.
9:00 - Read all about the Violent Femmes rain out by clicking here.
10:30 - Head over to the official website of the Boomer and Carton Morning Show by clicking here.
17:15 - The Meat Puppets are most certainly coming to a town near you. Check out all their tour dates by heading to their official website here.
20:30 - Concert Confessions.. Live Music News And Reviews For Fans, By Fans
21:30 - Mexicali Live is a rock venue located in Teaneck, NJ.
22:10 - I actually used to call Pam's jeep the "Pam-Van", the "Pam Wagon" refers to the newer vehicle.
22:50 - Check out coverage of The Black Box Revelation over at Concert Confessions by clicking here
23:45 - You guys all remember the Adventures of Pete & Pete

The theme song is by a band called Polaris, fronted by Mark Mulcahy.

25:40 - It would have been Doug Sahm's 70th Birthday. It just so happens his son Shandon is currently destroying the skins as a member of the Meat Puppets. So the boys got Shandon out from behind the kit to  sing lead on Doug penned song called "She's About A Mover".  Shandon played Curt's guitar, Curt got behind the drums. Magically moment. Sound is awesome, video slightly grainy. Check it out:

Full review from that show courtesy of yours truly can be found up at Concert Confessions. Click here for the full scoop

20:07 - Meat Puppets at The Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg October 12th, come be my friend! Get tickets here.

28:06- Polaris doing Hey Sandy

31:00 - Check out the epic failure of iHeart Radio first reported at AntiQuiet.Com by clicking here. It's too perfect.  

35:05 -  Two years and 99 pounds ago, I was on WSIA 88.9 FM, the College of Staten Island's on campus radio station. That's also on YouTube. 

41:00 - I'm too lazy to enjoy the intricacies of vinyl records. I like to have them to hang on my wall, but I'm not one who thinks a needle scratching against a dead cow. I have a load of classic cassette tapes if Cassette Store Day ever is invented.

Thanks for putting up with my bullshit! Get those three W's going!

JayPorks@Gmail.Com if you'd like to get at me and have anything to do with this podcast

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