Monday, September 16, 2013

The Jay Porks Experience (Podcast Edition): Episode Two


 It's been years since I wanted to start my very own podcast. Luckily, my buddy Andy Derer envisioned a world where I'd be able to be hosting podcast of my own, airing every Monday here on the interwebs. I'll be discussing and digesting all things going on in the land of music (including my personal live experiences along with topical music news) and in land of Porks. That means I'm gonna use this to also vent about my life frustrations. Things like mass transit, the struggles of living in Staten Island surround by folks I refer to as The Walking Dead because of extend periods of Oxycontin and/or heroin use,  my dead end job and my annoying family are just the tip of the iceberg.

Weekly if needed, this is where we're gonna post the "show notes". Notes of things I may have worded not so clear, and links to the stuff I'm talking about. Even though  I have diarrhea of the mouth, I find that I tend to leave things out when under the gun of recording. Never claimed to be a grounded, stable person. So take a listen to the podcast, linked above, and view the little show notes below. Thanks for putting up with my nonsense for a little while, any suggestions please feel free to send them over.

2:30 - Have me read your LRC's if you got them, hit me up JayPorks@Gmail.Com
3:08 - I should have edited out that little pause myself. Will be better prepared in the future.
8:45 - The soliloquy about not being able to smoke cigarettes in the park, "Bloomy" is my nick name of  New York City Mayor Micheal Bloomberg. I'm not sure if everyone was able to get that.
13:35 - I say the Femmes played "Add It Up". I was there, so I am fully aware that the song is actually "Kiss Off" (because I have the first minute and a half on video). That's me misspeaking because my favorite part of "Kiss Off" involves a verse with counting. When I think number, I think "Add It Up" because of simple mathematics. So this isn't me being wrong, it's just me saying the wrong thing.
17:15 - The "Sucked" inserted there is in light of the situation at hand and not the performance of the band. Even though the weather was a train wreck, what took place on the stage while the band was on the stage was pretty surreal. Who knew this band would ever play again?
17:37 - When I say "Enjoy" it, that's not to say I do not enjoy shows from behind the lens. Actually usually I enjoy them more that way. I meant I didn't run to the pit and scream like a little school girl and jump up and down. I didn't live in the moment, I chose to capture it. And that's my main passion about hitting shows. Capturing the epicness.
18:37 - Mark Sanchez got a raw deal is the point I'm after there. We've got plenty of weeks for sports related podcasts

24:06 - Here's the awesome picture I was talking about. Click here for my full review over at Concert Confessions.
25:25 - If you can play 10-15 seconds of a nifty guitar riff or something for a theme song, hit me up at JayPorks@Gmail.Com
26:42 - These are the videos I referenced:

As we wrap up, Hank Moody is a fictional character in Showtime's series Californication played by David Duchovny. He is one of my heroes. 

Thanks for listening, we'll meet up again next week at TheAndyDererShow.Com where all the Jay Porks Experience Podcast Editions will be hosted. 

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