Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Podcast Episode #104 'TV Recap - Heroin Island

Above is what you call "Contrived Bullshit"
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Meet Jax. He bags up Heroin for a living. Furthermore, this guy is so smart about breaking the law, that he lets National Geographic film him bagging up his illegal product. 

Here we have Scrub. Another genius who decided to let National Geographic have stock footage of him explaining his wholesale process for selling illegal drugs. 

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Two weeks ago I told you what was going down at Survivor Series. I NAILED it. And that sucks for all of us, because Sheamus is now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Prediction for TLC: Roman Reigns destroys Sheamus and finally gets to hold title for more that five minutes and fifteen seconds. 

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