Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Podcast Episode #102 'War on Christmas'

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This is in the neighborhood I grew up in, I mentioned this house in the first half of the show. Literally around the block from where I used to live in Brooklyn. 

November sElections is this month's Jay Porks Podcast Official Playlist

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 As oppose to 1998 when the WWE held a 16 man tournament in one night to crown a new champ, Raw and Smackdown will contain qualifying matches and see the finalists meet in one match at Survivor Series. I like the idea of having to win multiple matches in one night, but this company for some reason still obsessed with ratings when they have zero competition in this business. Anyway, Reigns Vs. Ambrose in the final is my guess with Sheamus cashing in after a great moment to ruin things, because well, that's his gimmick.  

18 years ago, Bret Hart, one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, brought up in a wrestling family, Stu Hart's dungeon, all that. 18 years ago Bret decided he was bigger than the business that made the Hitman. 

Scott Hall is doing extremely well with the rehabilitation of his life with tons of help from Diamond Dallas Page. When his mind is right, he has one of the greatest wrestling minds of our generation. Here'a two previews from a new "Shoot" interview that runs well over 2 hours. Hey, if anyone wants to get a copy (and burn me a copy and send it to your buddy Porks!) head over to KayfabeCommentaries.

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