Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #53 'After Midnight'

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For the full South Park Episode "The Cissy", head over to SouthParkStudios.Com

Here's the song from South Park "Push" By Lorde (Randy Marsh)

Robert Plant Played The Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday:

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space shifters set list:
Spoonful, Rainbow, Tin Pan Valley, Thank You, Poor Howard, Going To California, Turn It Up, Black Dog, Fixin' To Die, Rock And Roll...
Encore: Nobody's Fault But Mine, Little Maggie, Hoochie Coochie/Whole Lotta Love/Who Do You Love

Headlines Powered By Antiquiet:


Who needs Comic Con?

Not like I wanted to be surrounded by girls like this all weekend

Both attractive and rad

Wholesome yet whoresome

Even if they look like they inflict pain on you in bed

Or the ones that save you from this. This is what I gave up when society told me that in order to be an adult and "get girls" you must do this, this and this. Now society has changed the rules. End result is more alone time. This isn't a sexist thing, it's just me crying no fair. 

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