Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #49 'Correct, I Don't Like You"

Latest Concert Confessions: Accept and Raven in Beverly Hills

If you have an iPhone you now have the new U2 record. Great. More crap on my phone.

This man is human garbage. Eagles running back LeSean McCoy left his server 20 cents as gratuity after receiving what he described  as bad service. The guy who makes Nine Million dollars this year felt the need to make a point. This bothers me as a server of food. Here's an article from Forbes explaining to the people not in the business why it's bad business.

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New Music:

New Weezer track is meh. You can preorder their forthcoming record 'Everything Will Be Alright In The End' over at iTunes in the links provided in the video above.

New Childish Gambino isn't bad, it just isn't rap. No, really. It's singing. And it's alright. I'm with it.

And the interview with Childish Gambino on Hot 97's morning show which I mentioned in the 2nd half also featured an awesome freestyle that you can see above. The full 42 minute interview is first on the suggested videos list.

On the TV show Community we were all introduced to what exactly getting a switch was. That said, you cannot beat your kid with a stick. That's crazy. Here's the Wiki on it.

#Workflow. But check it out here's the article that was on Buzzfeed

I'm at the end of this video, the restaurant they go into is where I work. They filmed me serving, but didn't choose to include all my awesome one liners. Damn media.

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