Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Gavon Laessig, FUCK YOU!!!

Dear Gavon,

Balls... they are something you have. Talent, promise, pride, a penis.. these are some of the many things you don't have.

Let me fill all the readers in on the travesty that occurred over this past two days. I, Jay Porks of Concert Confessions and of course the Jay Porks Experience, headed out to the Terminal 5 in New York City to see an awesome band Dinosaur Jr, and opening acts OFF! and Fucked Up did little to disappoint on this evening as well. Henry Rollins is on the bill, and he is there to interview Dinosaur Jr at 9:30PM before they started their set playing 'Bug' in it's entirety along with some other gems sprinkled along the way. The interview lasted 18 minutes, and here it is:

See. Great job by me. My parents are proud, friends diggin' it.. everything is going more than swell..

THEN WE HAVE GAVON. Gaven is a tool who 'posts' for a website ''.. Get this friends, this guy actually ripped MY video from YouTube and used a 1 minute and 33 second clip of it to post on his own account page and this schlock shit website Normally, I wouldn't mind the extra pub, like when BrooklynVegan.Com uses my videos in their posts. Only difference with this douchebag GAVON is, there is ZERO mention of the name Jay Porks, I received ZERO credit for providing this asshole with a video that now has over 4,000 views while my FULL interview sits at 300. Let me tell you something GAVON: I got up at 9AM that morning to open up the restaurant I work at. I worked that shit job all day, then I got off at 4PM. I had Dinosaur Jr tickets in my pocket and my night was set to be one of the most epic ones I've had in recent memory. I was on the roof of Terminal 5 at 6:30 waiting for staff to let us in.. Then after avoiding people swimming down the steps to grab spots like they're going out of style, I picked mine out and perched myself there until almost midnight, documenting all the footage I can so the review I write of the show(not for a paid job mind you, but simply because of the PASSION I have in this shit) could be perfect-and it was. And all my videos of Dinosaur Jr had great sound, even my video of the interview I came home and wrote my piece up, and officially shut the computer off at 6AM to take a nap and wake up to check out the greatness I blessed the Internet with. Then you, GAVON, had the balls to come and shit in my fucking cereal. You have got to be kidding me. What work did you put into this exactly? You did a fucking google search! It's people like you, the slime and scum of the internet that are slowing down this whole web based journalism movement the rest of the media world is moving towards in the last decade. I stopped writing angry, ranting blogs a long time ago.. well congratulations dick face, you welcomed me back. You are a no class hack with a crappy life and an agenda, and that agenda being to produce material that sucks complete balls. To quote a legend "was your daddy jacking off and mom sat on it?" I mean seriously is that how you came to existence? You're the worst kind of troll I've ever run across in my YEARS of trolling message boards and debating with strangers. There's a better future in a YouTube comment thread than whatever it is you have on your resume. You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. Because let's face it, the direction for me is no where but up, and for you it's the opposite. You see, people like me and all my buddies at Concert Confessions, we're people who "get it".. and the one's who get it, the ones who truly understand what in fact is going on with this new wave of journalism; these people will be around for a long long time. But parasites like you GAVON, hacks like you aren't gonna last very long once they realize that a fucking monkey can do your job. I obviously wouldn't be pissed if a monkey did this because I doubt they have the social conscience to understand internet etiquette(and monkeys are funny in general). Once monkeys or that cat who can eat with chop sticks take your job, you'll be reading my stuff online thinking "I should've listened to Jay Porks" in between your google searches for odd porn because your broke and living in some crappy apartment alone hitting your sack in your robe all day. You're the type of person I envision collecting welfare in the next decade. Look up "Lowlife" in the dictionary and see a picture of your face with synonyms "fraud" and "Complete Loser" listed. You are a sleaze ball. I don't get what's so hard with writing in the fucking video notes that "Video shot by Jay Porks". Because you say you got it from Brooklyn Vegan? When you play the video they embed in their site it's a direct link to MY video on MY YouTube page. That's called being credited. You, like the coward waste of life you are, took my video and illegally took it off YouTube with some program and passed it off as your own. Did you check out the rest of my Dinosaur Jr videos? Maybe there's some more pieces of a legendary night that I HAD which you'd like to STEAL from me. Asshole scum fuck. "Via Jay Porks" it's THREE FUCKING WORDS! three words could have made me your best friend, but instead you got this. I'm gonna look you up in a few years and cannot wait to see how much more of a failure you had become over this period. You single handedly destroyed what was to be one of the most classic weekends of my life, and all without even going to the fucking show. You, GAVON, are a true sucker of Satan's cock. Thanks for fucking my shit up, hope you had a jolly ol' fucking time.

With vile and hate,

Jay Porks

Writer: JayPorks.Com/ConcertConfessions.Com

All friends of the Jay Porks Experience, Concert Confessions, and anyone else out there in the online music journalism world who knows a thing or two about etiquette, I ask one favor of you.. the video below is the clip that this douche bag stole from my video..Go to the video on YouTube and click THUMBS DOWN on it.. even leave a nasty comment if you want.. Just please thumbs that shit DOWN and thumbs up any comments that support this movement of people who have common sense. This douche ruined my weekend

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