Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #97 'Just A Cog In The Hype Machine'

Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift are making each other more relevant by the day. Click below on this thing that appears to be a player to listen to the latest episode of the Jay Porks Experience.
Spin Magazine kept us updated on Ryan Adams covering '1989':
Adjectives used in headline above include "Great" and "Really Special". 


That's right! They spent 49 days hyping up this record to call it a disappointment, but that's indeed not all to this story. Check out the lede into their article panning the effort.

I circled it and pointed some arrows. "Can you remember the last time people make this big a deal out of a covers record-" Umm. Yes Spin Mag I can. I can go back into your archives and read you do it. You created a "media storm" and then got mad because it rained.  Hope you're making good money on those pop up ads on your site, because being a reputable music news source is no longer your line of employment, You are a Hype Machine. Everything that is wrong with online journalism. Spin Magazine is how certain websites like that jip-joint based out of Chicago (that will go unmentioned because they are not worthy) happen. Because of sites like yours. 

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