Saturday, June 27, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #85 'On The Bowery'

Latest Concert Confessions:

Not for nothing, for an idiot with exactly zero skills in the world of anything, I took some pretty slammin' photos at this Meat Puppets/ Soul Asylum Craziness. Concert Confessions is where you get all that. 

Check this out. So the Brooklyn Vegan recognizes fine journalism when they see it happening, and the proof is right above where you can see the first two paragraphs in their review are borrowed from yours truly. Good peeps over there. #WillWorkForConcertTickets

Gibby Fucking Haynes if you need him.
Killin' the photos! 

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I was on Andy's show. We talk Meat Puppets/Soul Asylum shows, the Cris Kirkwood Podcast and more. Give it a listen, because, you know, why not? 

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