Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Show Notes: Jay Porks Experience Episode #78 'Transgender Conservative Blues'

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I did not find my way into the Stone Temple Pilots gig at Irving Plaza this passed Monday. Stuff happens and it's nobody's fault.  Anyway, halfway through the above video, check out Dean Deleo toss a dude out of the show. "Get out of my show you douchebag!" Below this paragraph you can view the show in its entirety.

Lots of people have issue with Chester Bennington fronting the band. And opinions are allowed to be had, but if you wanna see Scott Weiland attempt to sing Stone Temple Pilots tunes, view below and be ready to cringe.

You like that? Do you think that guy is in any shape to front the Stone Temple Pilots.

Racial relations in this country: They're not good. Below, I have a solution:

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