Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hole- Nobody's Daughter... Album Review

People of the rocker nation, I suggest you take some time out of your day and head over to Hole's Official Website and listen to the live stream of the new record, “Nobody's Daughter”, in it's entirety before it hits stores on April 27th in the U.S. (The Jay Porks Experience will be in the building for both NYC shows 4/27 & 4/28)... This album is way better than expected.. I have it on in the back round for my forth listen, as this review is written..

The title track 'Nobody's Daughter' leads it off.. and right there is when you listen and start to realize that this is in fact really happening.. the band is back-only this time they have a better guitar player: Micko Larkin. He also re-produced all the tracks that were worked on originally with Linda Perry and Silly Corgan.. Next up is the single “Skinny Little Bitch”, which bangs through your speaker unexpectedly next... its a rocking track, expecially with the old school rave-up and the end.. and it works well between 'Nobodys Daughter' and 'Honey'... a hard pumpin' song in between two really tight, well worked songs. And you gotta love that bass riff, I think it's like two chords.... Speaking of 'Honey'.. who know Courtney still had it in her? Song is amazing... An calmly strum acoustic layers in the back round while Micko Larkin lays down chords that strike like lightning(Larkin is an amazing guitar player, proves it throughout this record-think he's only 20 years old) ... the bridge is solid too-and all these lyrics are golden.. 'Pacific Coast Highway' is next, and that song is deep.. it starts off soft and opens up little by little along the way... really kick ass. The chorus is catchy- “Your whole world is in my hands”-and if you're gonna send the Courtney's a murderer e-mails when hearing lyrics like that in these songs, save them-we don't do out of whack conspiracy theories at the Jay Porks Experience or websites affiliated with it.. Next up, 'Samantha', the song that Hole as been playing live on such shows as “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” and at the “NME” Awards.. I was dying to hear the final cut studio version of this song, after hearing quiet acoustic demos on YouTube then the drastically differing live version... well, this song is frickin' perfect... lyrics like “Can't take the gutter out of the girl” and “Will you sing my hallelujah, will you tell me when it's done” lead the charge in this heavy riff driven, aggressively brilliant put together recording.. if you've seen the live version, just imagine that, just they nail every note and every lyric.. this is the best 40 something minutes I've had in a while, this record is awesome...I keep waiting for the fall off, and next up, 'Someone Else's Bed” was suited for it until about 5 seconds in when I realized it was another song I needed to pay attention to... especially the line where she said “I want to be able to watch the View”, referring to the TV for women who are going through meta-pause, I believe.. 'For Once in your life' is the first song on the record where I detect key's and a possible violin.. has an orchestral sort of feel... this is a great song, but this ranks as the least liked song on the record in the opinion of us here at the Jay Porks Experience, again it's a great song-but ever other song is better... and 'Letter to God', the next track is the epic Ballard of this record... lyrics ask vague questions to the assumed god in this scenario... but it builds and builds and after the dust clears may end up being the stand out track on this album..the pace changes quickly with “Loser Dust”, which sounds like song from the Courtney Love solo era... it's bubblegummy, simple riffin' with a screaming Courtney dragging out those words in that dare I say 'grunge' fashion, that she is the queen of... I mean lets face it, who's a more relevant, infamous female figure in rock music? The next to last track is the raw sounding “How Dirty Girls get Clean”.. excellent guitar play on this track after the acoustic lead-in.. once the chorus hits, the song blows up and rocks harder continuously.. Browsing the demos leaked on YouTube, their were two versions of this song, a “candy version” and a “Filthy version”.. the candy version was more pop where the filthy was, obviously, a lot harder.. I had heard they went with the candy version for the record, but they didn't-this is another stand out track on this album- this and every other track on this record.. fittingly, the last song on the track rides us out acoustic, with the twangy “Never go Hungry”.. the song sounds like the band was listening to Blind Lemon Jefferson and Leadbelly for days before writing it.. it's got like a throwback feel to it, very folky.. it brings the brilliance to a blissful end.....

The one is getting four and a half out of five joints in the Jay Porks Experience ratings... expect to see it high on the list of the best albums to come out in 2010 when that blog is up around next year

Buy the record when it comes out on April 27th in the US as they are playing a show the same night in New York City, so it's basically going to end up with an album release party sort of feel.. and you know The Jay Porks Experience will be there in full force with a crew of people wearing “Your Favorite Band Sucks” tee shirts... except for me.. I'll be in my “Fuck Terminal 5” tee shirt, Terminal 5 is the name of the venue they are playing... Head to for the full experience of that show and lots more to come... thanks for your bullshit-LATE

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  1. Is it still playing on their site? I gotta check it out...
    "Silly Corgan" made me laugh- please tell me thats not a typo