Sunday, January 3, 2010

Artists crying about people downloading songs

There's a reason why every rock show you go to there's someone wearing a Black flag tee shirt. The money is made from touring. Bands these days that won't go out and earn their money- "here, we spent seven years recording this- now buy it every time we re-release it on different formats" . If Billy corgan should be mad at anyone it's himself. Do yourself a favor- grab your acoustic, walk into a bar to play and charge 20 bucks at the door. Just promise to play some stuff off Siamese dream, the only album you put out that anyone cares about. I don't see any advertisements for the Smashing Pumpkins(this is a generalization, it's not only Billy Corgan, but all bands who complain about people download their music) doing a tour- it's because  they're not touring. In fact, I have no idea what they're doing. I think they're in court along side James Hetfeild and Metallica trying to sue the three people who they caught "pirating".  And the Red Hot Chili Peppers with their own lawyers trying to convince a jury that they invented the word "Californiacation". That's not going to make up for the ten years of crappy music they've been putting out and watching sit on shelves. But Rolling Stone calls the latest efforts of bands like Radiohead and the god-awful(worst band in the entire world), Pearl Jam as "groundbreaking" so the park slope scenesters will know it's okay to listen to. "Is this album cool? said one skater kid "You're allowed to buy this- Spin said so". The music industry is in absolute shambles- and there's nothing being done about it besides clueless Internet bloggers (hey, how are ya) complaining about it in message boards. People like me are only here trying to fight the good fight and yet I'd be labeled a "hater". I just like good music. and to be honest :I don't want my mainstream rock radio anymore- it's becoming more  and more reminiscent of an unfinished blow job to me every time listen.   At the beginning I always think(for some strange reason) there's hope for a future but ten minutes in its like -you know this isn't exactly working for me..............  

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